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High Speed Steel Bar

High Speed Steels are designed from high carbon tool steel that includes high dose of tungsten. They are developed using 18% tungsten, 0.7% carbon, 4% Chromium, 1% Vanadium, and Iron to ensure to create hard and durable cutting tools, power saw blades, drill bits and tool bits. In addition to this, they are available with cobalt up to 8% to impart maximum strength and wear resistance design. They are superior to the high-carbon steel as they can easily withstand higher temperatures without any effect on the durability and hardness.

Features of High Speed Steels:

1. Easy and fast to cut than high carbon steel
2. High hardness and abrasion resistance
3. Increases tool's hardness as well as lubricity
4. Excellent robustness at high hardness

High Speed Steel Round Bar

This High Speed Steel Round Bar is extensively used in the production of machine tool bits, cold forming tools and cutting tools. The high speed steel used in the production of bars offers high toughness combined with good cutting powers. These bars are also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures without losing their temper. This bar is wisely made of a general purpose molybdenum high speed steel. Due to the comparatively low carbon content in the steel, this round bar has an excellent combination of toughness properties and abrasion resistance when properly hardened and tempered. It is extensively used in a wide range of cutting tool, knife and punch and dies applications.
Price: 700 INR/Kilograms

HSS M2 Steel Bar

This HSS M2 Steel is high in demand for chip- less shaping, for example extrusion, blanking and punching tools. Features excellent working hardness, high wear resistance and superior toughness, this steel grade has balanced composition which imparts good toughness and cutting performance in various applications. Best known in the industry for its high retention of hardness and red hardness, this steel has low vanadium content which gives it good grind ability. It is extensively used in manufacturing of cutting tools such as reamers, twist drills, machine bits, dies, saw blades and other cutting tools.
Price: 100.00 - 250.00 INR/Kilograms

M35 High Speed Steel Bar

This M35 High Speed Steel Bar is highly suitable for heat treatments. This special grade steel offers excellent cutting performance. Features high red hardness, superior wear resistance and cutting ability, this high speed steel has fine grain size and carbide particle size. It is extensively used in forging industry, cutting tools and screw industry. Our entire stock is high in demand for the production of forging dies; cold forming tools, twist drills, milling cutter, taps, punches and trimming dies.
Price: 1050 INR/Kilograms

M42 High Speed Steel Bar

This M42 High Speed Steel Bar enables tools to achieve excellent cutting performance. It is a cobalt molybdenum high speed steel with high hardness and superior hot hardness. This high speed steel is best known for offering excellent wear resistance. It is extensively used for milling cutters, die-sinking cutters and engraving machines. In addition, it is also suitable for non-reducing shaping applications.
Price: 700 INR/Kilograms

1.3343 Steel Round Bar

1.3343 Steel offers high toughness combined with good cutting powers. This steel can easily withstand increases in temperature without losing its temper. It is a molybdenum based high speed steel in tungsten- molybdenum series with good machine- ability. Chemical composition of this steel grade gives a good combination of well balanced toughness, wear resistance and red hardness properties. Widely used for cutting tools such as twist drills, taps, milling cutters, saws and knives, this steel grade is commonly used in cold work punches and dies and cutting applications involving high speed and light cuts.
Price: 650 INR

1.3247 Steel Round Bars

This 1.3247 Steel is supplied in round rods, square bars, flat bars, plates, sheets and blocks. Produced as forged, rolled and cold drawn, it is a cobalt-molybdenum high speed steel. With additional 8% cobalt in the composition, this steel achieves a higher hardness and superior hot hardness. Tools made from this high speed steel have excellent toughness and cutting performance. In addition, it is extensively used for manufacturing various strong cutting tools with wear and impact resistance.
Price: 700 INR/Kilograms

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