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Plastic Mould Steel Bar
Plastic Mould Steel Bar is one of the most popular steels available in different sizes for different applications. This is high wear resistant steel used in varied manufacturing purposes due to its thermal shock and heat cracking resultant properties. In addition, with superior mechanical characteristics as well as toughness, it ensures excellent machine ability with steady hardness.
AISI Series Steel Round Bars
AISI Series Steel Round Bars are designed from shock resisting steel to ensure to show unmatched results during construction and other applications. They are available with matchless toughness and wear resistant design to provide long lasting performance without any abrasion. They can be availed in different dimensions and sizes to fulfill the exact demands of the valued clients.
Hot Work Tool Steel Round Bar
Hot Work Tool Steel Round Bar provides excellent toughness, strength and hardness. It ensures to provide the best performance for years without any deformation and abrasion owing to unmatched surface treatment. In addition to this, it ensures to offer wear proof efficacy in different industrial applications. It can be availed in various specifications and lengths that can be altered as per the specific demands of the clients.
High Speed Steel Bar
High Speed Steels are reckoned as high-performance special steels that provide excellent hardness and stability at temperatures up to 500C. With high wear resistant design due to the combination of tungsten, molybdenum, and chromium, they provide the best results with improved hot hardness. They are widely used in different applications such as metalworking, wear parts applications, etc.
Industrial Steel Bars
Industrial Steel Bars act as a basic of building support materials. They are very easy to install and great to use. These bars are very much liked and appreciated by our customers, in the market. They are very easy to use and simple to maintain.
EN Series Steel Round Bars
EN Series Steel Round Bars are designed from optimum quality steel using advanced machines to ensure precise dimensions and sizes. They are developed with excellent sturdiness, superior wear resistant and durable designs for excellent results. They can be availed in varied specific designs and dimensions that can be tailored according to the different needs of varied sectors.
Industrial Flat Bar
Industrial Flat Bar is used in different applications as it enhances the performance level during any construction and manufacturing project with its excellent level of toughness. It can be subjected to high working temperatures as well as pressure strength to get unmatched results. In addition to this, it is available in varied sizes and specifications according to the exact demands.
Industrial Steel Sheet
Industrial Steel Sheet & Bars is available with outstanding nitriding as well as coating properties to make it perfect for developing tools and other processes. This is designed with high machine ability to make it ideal in the production of automatic as well as CNC machines in different components from engine shafts, to connecting rods, etc. With high dimensional stability and hardness, it provides maximum strength and efficacy.
Carbon Steel Bar
Carbon Steel Bar is available with high level of hardness by flame or induction hardening. It comes with wear resistant surface having reasonable core strength as well as impact properties. It is widely used in different applications from arbors, pinions, guide pins, bearings, bushings, cam shafts, etc. due to maximum abrasion proof design as well as rust resistant structure.
Cold Work Tool Steel Bar
Cold Work Tool Steel Bar are designed from high grade steel to ensure to provide the best results in cold cutting processes. They are widely used in automotive, medical, aerospace and varied other applications. With anti abrasive design and rust proof surface, they provide excellent performance for years without any wear and tear. In addition to this, they also ensure no material deformation.
Steel Round Bar
Steel Round Bar is one of the most widely used steel bars in construction, manufacturing and other processes. It is ideal to be utilized in varied applications owing to unmatched weld able, machine able and formable designs. It is available in different dimensions and thickness to provide the clients with accurate designs to get unmatched results in different applications.
SAE 8620 Steel Round Bars
SAE 8620 Steel Round Bars is nickel chromium molybdenum harden ability as well as case hardening steel widely available in the as rolled conditions having utmost brinell hardness. They are designed with excellent core strength and robustness in small as well as medium sections when hardened and tempered. They can be used in various applications where excellent tensile strength is required with reasonable toughness.
Free Cutting Steel for Pharmaceuticals
Cutting Steel for Pharmaceuticals is available in different specifications, lengths and sizes of diameters to ensure to provide the best results. It is designed to withstand high temperature and pressure without any change in the hardness, structure and dimension. With durable designs, it ensures minimal need for maintenance or reworking. Moreover, it is also available with shock-proof structure.
OHNS Steel Bar
Provided OHNS Steel Bar are the non-deforming as well as oil-hardening, constructions, which can be easily toughened or treated at low temperatures. Offered with tungsten as well as higher chromium content, these steel structures are exceptionally strong and durable. Apprehended for their augmented mechanical strength as well as capacity to stand unbend-able in corrosive working surrounds. these economical steel bars can resist the the deformation during the hardening activity.
Forging Products
Forging Products are tested under numerous parameters to ensure its effectiveness and flawlessness. These products are known for their unique features like high tensile strength, elevated quality, corrosion resistant, rugged construction and excellent durability. They are extensively used in different industries for cutting and threading applications.

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